Your advertising can do more!

Whoever's interested in your offer,
needs your contact information.

This is how it worked until now:

  • Remembering contact information?

  • Or writing it down?

  • Take a picture?

  • Scanning a QR code?

Everything's complicated!

It´s smarter with Quicklink.
No writing down, taking photos, no scan...

And this is how it works:

  • See or hear a Quicklink

  • Remember it

  • Introduce it in the App

  • And done!

is a easy to remember code made up of numbers and letters (ex. PU4) and it contains:

- your company profile
- your contact information
- Web & Mail
- Chat & News
- Social Media
- PDF-file reader

Who needs Quicklink?

Everyone who, makes advertisement:
- small companies, self-employed
- middle-sized companies

- societies, institutions, clubs

Everyone who:
- wants to give out a product description directly on the packaging
- wants to put out the assemply instructions directly on the product
- directly on the smallest packaging, wants to explain it´s applications, also in diferent languages.

Everyone who needs contact details:
- from a car with advertising
- from a offer on a large poster
- from a offer on a radio ad
- from a flyer with long, complicated contact details

Everyone who:
wants a product description, assembly instruction or application explanation - in his own language, directly on the product or packaging.

Quicklink belongs in every advertising and on every product

On flyers, posters, business cards,
car lettering, signs, in radio- andTV-advertisements, E-Mail signatures and websites.
Also on products and packaging.

Quicklink is easy to share and easy to use.
Quicklink creates contacts.

Try out the Quicklink App

To test it, introduce: QL5 or PU4

Get your Quicklink now

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